Our Vision


The National Center for Children in Poverty states that 29.7 million children - 41% of all children in the US - live in poverty. Poor children are overwhelmingly non-white: 69% of children in poverty are non-white. Specifically, 24% of poor children are African American, and 36% are Latino. Numerous systemic issues contribute to multi-generational poverty in the US, including a lack of educational opportunities that develop the knowledge, skill, and opportunity to attain careers in high-wage industries.

Spark Mindset is a social enterprise that gives access and opportunity to low-income students to develop technology skills in high school that will drastically reduce poverty and increase mobility in their lives.


Our Values

EquitY Inclusion Agile Commitment


What We Do


Cyber Space Academy

Leveraging virtual reality and project-based learning, we are preparing students for the CompTIA Network + and Security + certification exam. We are working to increase their readiness for entry-level cybersecurity jobs and/or college with the goal of receiving a degree in a STEM related field. We also give students tools to overcome some of the barriers that keep them in poverty such as a lack of knowledge, access, and professional skills. .


Our Partners