The Cyber Space Camp is fully scaleable and can be built to accommodate small classes and large camps alike. You’re careful with money and so are we. Our program is built to be thought-provoking and engaging and fit reasonably within your budget.

Cyber Space Camps are designed to expose students to networking and cybersecurity through engaging and interactive curriculum that includes virtual reality. The camps are progressive in nature and are designed to develop students from 6th grade through freshman year in high school. Once students complete the camps, they are ready for our Cyber Space Academy Program. It’s a fun and rewarding journey!

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Learn more about the type of camps we offer, below:


Introduction To Cybersecurity Camp

Our creative and challenging camp teaches the importance of passwords, explores the different types of hackers and threat actors students may encounter in the world of cybersecurity. Students learn the important terms that are key building blocks for cybersecurity. It’s important for the students to begin looking through the eyes of hackers in order to protect against hacker attacks. This camp is for beginners who want exposure to cybersecurity.

Networking Frameworks CAmp

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Through our innovative camp, we teach how data communication takes place in a network by touring the OSI and TCP/IP models. The models clearly define the rules, regulations, standards, and procedures that enable hardware and software developers to make devices and applications that function at a particular level. It’s important to have a conceptual overview of the hardware and software functions of a network. Without the knowledge of a computer network, you cannot protect against cybersecurity threats. This camp is for those who want to take the next step in the cybersecurity journey.

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How does data flow cAmp

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How does your data get from point A to point B? Join us in our structured and thought-provoking camp, as we discuss how data flows through a computer network and the equipment used to accomplish this mission. Cybersecurity attacks focus on two things: stealing data and/or stopping data from going from one location to another. This camp is for those seriously considering a possible career in cybersecurity.

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The Backbone of Cybersecurity Camp

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As stated in the Networking Framework camp, without the knowledge of a computer network, you cannot protect against cybersecurity threats. In our fun, virtual reality environment, students are challenged to build a computer network using the skills learned in the previous camps. By learning the ins and outs of a computer network, you can take your skills as a hacker to try to prevent cybersecurity attacks. This camp is for those who are excited about cybersecurity and want to pursue a career in the field.