The Cyber Space Academy, our core technology platform and educational program, offers a commercially viable, socially valuable technical innovation and provides a workforce that is technically skilled and socially adept:

(1) creating and testing an unprecedented virtual reality game-based platform focused on workforce development for the cybersecurity industry;

(2) utilizing a technical innovation to address a shortage of cybersecurity experts needed to ensure commercial and national security.

(3) Leverage full-price programs delivered to schools (grades 9-12), workforce development entities, and corporate training programs to deliver programs and equipment to underserved youth especially those of African American and Latino communities or those defined as low-income.

What is our long-term vision of success?

We are looking to close the opportunity and wealth gap for low-income students. Our program is 2 to 4 years, where we are striving for 100% of the high students who complete our program will graduate from high school, of those students, 75% will pass the CompTIA Security + certification. We will place 90% of the students who complete the program into entry-level cybersecurity jobs or college studying a STEM career field. Cybersecurity jobs are even more lucrative; they pay on average $6,500 more annually than other IT professions, a 9% premium, with average entry-level position paying $80,000 a year. We will provide 500,000 high school students with opportunities for meaningful jobs or pathways to college in the next seven years. Allowing access and opportunity for low-income students to develop technology skills in high school or middle school, can drastically reduce poverty and increase mobility.