Diversity, Equity, & Inclusing Training

Top talent is now looking for companies with diverse and inclusive culture to join. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Report, 78% of respondents now believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage. Only 3% of Fortune 500 2017 companies were transparent about the demographics of their workforce. Creating a culture that capitalizes on differences and creates innovation begins with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plan. By working together, we will increase your companies’ profits and productivity while making you a destination for top talent.


  • Have employee turnover diminished by up to 20% and employee productivity increased by as much as 21%

  • See 2.3 times the cash flow per employee when compared to their less diverse peers

  • Are 35% more likely to have higher returns than their national industry medians


  1. DEI Assessment – Our assessment addresses the culture, DEI strengths, and weaknesses within your organization and is a starting point for the discussion about needed steps of action on the road to organizational change.

  2. DEI Human Design Sprint – The Spark team will work with a 5-7 person team to go through a human design process to develop goals towards creating a culture of inclusion within the organization.

  3. Development of DEI Plan – DEI plan is a comprehensive, integrated, and strategic focus on diversity, equity and inclusion to enable your organization to establish and sustain a high-performing, diverse, and inclusive workforce.

  4. DEI Training – During this researched-based, DEI training program, employees will learn how to build an inclusive community.

  5. Ongoing DEI Support – We will assess the progress, assist with challenges, and help successfully implement the solutions that come out of the DEI Plan.

Together we can make your organization a destination for top talent.