why dei?

Every company has a culture, how can yours become a competitive advantage? From attracting and retaining top talent, to increasing revenue and solving complex problems, companies with active DEI strategies are better equipped to tackle 21st-century challenges.

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Report, 78% of respondents now believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage. Further, only 3% of Fortune 500 2017 companies were transparent about the demographics of their workforce. Creating a culture that can capitalizes on differences to drive innovation begins with a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plan.

By working together, we will increase your profits and productivity by making your organization a destination for top talent.

Did you know?

Compared to their peers, organizations with a DEI plan have:

  • Higher rates of returns than their national industry medians
  • 20% higher rates of employee retention; and
  • 2.3 times the cash flow per employee

What we provide:

  • Assessment of DEI needs
  • Customized DEI strategy 
  • Research-based training to fit your schedule
  • Ongoing support


After working with Spark Mindset as a workshop facilitator/partner for the last year on company culture/generational diversity…we can say that Spark Mindset is an extraordinarily talented company in understanding culture and employee engagement resources for any business. Spark Mindset is well informed on generational diversity and productivity issues, and their corporate workshops and trainings are desperately needed in the marketplace.
— Dustin Kunkle, Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center
Lawrence is a great speaker for any corporate function on Diversity in the Workplace or Organizational Culture. His understanding of the dynamics of these topics provided me with a relevant presentation that was tied to our everyday environment. Lawrence’s presentation was not only well-researched and detailed, but it was also loaded with great recommendations on how any industry can better relate amongst age groups. His presentation style was charismatic, captivating, inspiring and most important, informative. The group of attendees was engaged, and those in attendance was extremely pleased with the entire workshop.
— D’Andre Johnson, Ent