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Planning Productive Cultures through Human Centered Design Thinking Workshop

From attracting and retaining top talent to increasing revenue and solving complex problems, companies with active DEI strategies are better equipped to tackle 21st-century challenges.

During this evening workshop, Spark Mindset want to empower organizations with the skills necessary to create a comprehensive DEI Plan using Human Centered Design Thinking. The DEI training will use human-centered design while providing an overview of topics such as unconscious bias, inclusion, equity, diversity, and goals.

What is Human Centered Design?

IDEO defines human-centered design as a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.

Why Human Centered Design?

Boost competitiveness – employees are less likely to choose other business’ when your organization meets their needs more effectively

Gain insight – this, in turn, could lead to innovative new products or services

Build positive employee experiences – increase loyalty and a good reputation by giving your employees a sense of ownership in the creation of your organization DEI plan.

By working together, you will leave with the tools to create a detailed plan that will start you down a path to increase your profits and productivity by making your organization a destination for top talent.

The workshop will be hosted online from 1:30 to 3:30 MST, and attendees will receive a link to the Zoom conference the day before the workshop.