April 25th • Creating Employee Resource Groups: A Key Pillar To Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan


April 25th • Creating Employee Resource Groups: A Key Pillar To Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan


Thursday, April 25th, 2019
1:30 PM -  3:30 PM MST

The workshop will be hosted online. Attendees will receive a link to the Zoom conference the day before the workshop.


About This Workshop

Employees who are included in every aspect of the company culture can contribute more, be more productive, and drive better decisions and results. A company’s processes and teams should allow all employees to realize and contribute to their full potential. Waiting too long can create problems that are difficult to solve. We have seen engineering teams that try to bring in more diversity after starting with six white men, and it takes a lot more work. A diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is about investing in and accommodating differences today while taking the time to understand and empathize. A DEI also identifies potential problems early to prevent or fix them before they can grow into something bigger.

Employee resource groups (ERG) serve as a useful diversity tool to facilitating recruitment of minority staff, raising diversity awareness, fostering business relationship with minority clients and suppliers, and engaging the workforce in issues relating to diversity. ERG can be helpful for building camaraderie and belonging for employees who participate. They can also be educational for people who may not be part of the group but are open to learning. ERGs are an example of bottom-up, employee-led and driven diversity initiatives that can promote buy-in, strengthen networks, and generate valuable feedback for D&I leads.

Depending on the industry — and the company — the grassroots elements of ERGs often lay the groundwork for global diversity and inclusion strategies. Many formed organically out of the need for people of difference to feel a sense of belonging and create relationships with people of similar backgrounds. These forums offered support, understanding, information and resource sharing that would hopefully ensure participants’ collective success.

During this workshop, you learn how ERGs can push huge changes at the company, updating hiring policies, putting newer employees in touch with senior leaders while being a key pillar of any holistic, global DEI strategy.