- Cyber Space Game Jam -

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your cybersecurity game synced with the Spark Mindset, Inc Content (each a “CyberSpace Game Jam Projects”), you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) that form a binding agreement between you and Spark Mindset, Inc. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not proceed with registration for the CyberSpace Game Jam.

Condition For Participating

All CyberSpace Game Jam Projects become the shared property of Spark Mindset Inc. and the CyberSpace Game Jam teams upon submission. By participating in the CyberSpace Game Jam, you unconditionally and without limitation assign and agree to assign to Spark Mindset, Inc.(or its designee) all shared right, title and interest you have in the CyberSpace Game Jam Project, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights in perpetuity, without expectation of compensation, royalties, residuals, or acknowledgment. If, for any reason, any of these rights may not be assigned, by participating in the CyberSpace Game Jam, you grant the Spark Mindest, Inc. , their successors and assigns (and those acting pursuant to their direction) the exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-transferable, fully paid-up, royalty-free right and license (with right to sub-license) to use, reproduce, display, modify, prepare derivative works from and publicly perform the CyberSpace Game Jam Projects, in whole or in part, for advertising, trade and promotional purposes in any media or manner worldwide, including, without limitation, as content within the Series, and to post the Submission on social media, websites or other media for viewing by the public. Spark Mindset, Inc. reserves the right to modify or edit any CyberSpace Game Jam Projects, in whole or in part, for content, clarity or any other reason, and you waive any and all “moral rights,” rights of attribution, or similar rights in the CyberSpace Game Jam Projects. You agree to execute and deliver all instruments of writing as may be necessary and provide all assistance reasonably requested by Spark Mindset, Inc. to vest in Spark Mindset, Inc. all right, title and interest in the CyberSpace Game Jam Projects, such assistance to be provided at Spark Mindset, Inc. expense, but without any compensation to you.

By participating in CyberSpace Game Jam Projects, you further grant the Spark Mindset, Inc and those acting under their authority permission to use your name, likeness, and comments for advertising and publicity purposes, without payment of any compensation. You understand there is no guarantee that any Spark Mindset, Inc. will make use of any rights granted in any CyberSpace Game Jam Projects or your name or likeness. You agree that Spark Mindset, Inc. is not required to submit to you any materials including your Submission for approval prior to use, and you hereby waive any right to inspect or approve those materials