Our Vision

Break the cycle of poverty in low-income communities.

According to the National Center for Children Poverty, adolescents 12 through 17 years of age, 41 percent (10 million) live in low-income families, and 19 percent (4.7 million) live in poor families.

Students who do not attend college or who drop out quickly are predominantly persons from low-income families, living in underdeveloped areas within major cities. Over 50% of Black and Hispanics do not graduate from high school.

Through our technology programs, we will provide 500,000 high school students with opportunities for meaningful jobs or pathways to college in the next ten years

Our Mission

To create a bridge for low-income high school students to cybersecurity careers.

According to the National Science Foundation, the barriers to STEM career fields begins at the K-12 level, where minority students interested in such subjects are often limited due to subpar teaching at lower-tier schools and digital divides that come with inequity in technology accessibility.

The average advertised salary for entry-level STEM jobs is $66,123 compared to $52,299 for non-STEM jobs. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing STEM career fields with an expected 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021.

Our 2-year Cyber Space Academy prepares low-income high school students for the CompTIA Network + and Security + certification; this gives students access to jobs like computer and network administrator, information security analysts or a pathway to a 2-or4-year college

Our Values


We want everyone, especially our students, to take ownership of their path, investing in themselves, being resourceful, and putting in the hard work to emerge a stronger, more capable individual.


We want everyone to have the opportunity to live up to their potential, and we seek to facilitate those opportunities.


We value fair treatment for everyone and will do whatever we can to help all students reach their potential.


We are willing to make mistakes, fail, get back up, and try again.


We work together to achieve our goals, knowing that two heads are better than on